I see the question frequently asked, should I get my ducts cleaned?
First, I do own a company that offers duct cleaning and this is all based on my experience in the field. My company uses a RotoBrush, which is a big vacuum hose and rotating brush on the end which oscillates. For the sake of this argument, I’ll be referring to this cleaning application.
We always prefer to assess the ductwork prior to cleaning with a scheduled evaluation. Not all ductwork can safely be cleaned. A good portion of homes in south Florida have Flexible ducting, which is not as rigid as metal commonly found up north.
The different forms of duct work commonly found in residential South Florida homes are; Flex duct and rigid fiberglass (duct board).
Flex duct has a black Interior liner with a spiral metal wire throughout to maintain its  structural Integrity. That black liner is then wrapped with insulation, covered with a foil vapor barrier. It CAN be cleaned BUT overtime the black liner becomes weak and may tear causing duct leaks, this is why a inspection is important prior to jumping in. Also overtime the foil vapor barrier becomes translucent which compromises the duct ability to reject that famous Florida heat. 
A quick search on google led me to a link from the EPA, here’s their take on the question, Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? | Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | US EPA.

Our conclusion,
Every home is different, the hoarder down the rode may need ducts cleaned (along with the rest of the house), but Karen with the maid 2x a week and keeps her hand towels for display only doesn’t.
Side note, with the chaos in the world today (COVID-19) we are all spending more time in our home with the family that we love, why not take the precautions and have them inspected. Find the right Licensed contractor with morals and have them take a look.

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